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Who is FC Barcelona president at this time?

Are you curious to uncover the driving force behind the success and influence of one of the most iconic football clubs in the world? Look no further than the FC Barcelona president. As the steward of this legendary institution, the FC Barcelona president plays a pivotal role in shaping the team’s destiny, fostering a rich sporting culture, and captivating the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the captivating world of FC Barcelona’s presidency, exploring their responsibilities, impact, and the indelible mark they leave on the club’s history.

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Who is the current president of FC Barcelona?

fc barcelona president Joan Laporta Estruch

Joan Laporta Estruch is a Spanish lawyer and current president of FC Barcelona. He was elected president of FC Barcelona after winning the elections held in June 2003, and in the summer of 2006, he was re-elected as president of the club1. Laporta is a lawyer who graduated from the University of Barcelona with his own firm, Laporta & Arbós, which has a number of notable Spanish firms as clients2.

During his tenure as president, Laporta has faced several challenges. One of the biggest challenges was the financial crisis that hit the club in 2008. Laporta had to take some tough decisions to keep the club afloat. He also had to deal with the departure of some key players like Ronaldinho and Deco3.

Laporta’s vision for FC Barcelona’s future is to make it one of the best football clubs in the world. He wants to create a team that can compete at the highest level and win major trophies. Laporta has also promised to bring back the club’s identity and values. He believes that FC Barcelona should be more than just a football club and should be a symbol of Catalan culture and identity.

History of FC Barcelona president

FC Barcelona has had 41 different presidents since its founding in 1899. From the formation of La Liga until 1978, Barcelona had 20 different presidents, meaning each presidential period lasted on average two-and-a-half years. In 1978 Josep Lluís Núñez became the first elected president of FC Barcelona, and ever since members of the club have elected the club president.

President Name Years in Office
Joan Gamper 1899-1903, 1908-1909
Narcís de Carreras 1903-1905
Vicenç Reig i Mas 1905-1908
Hans Gamper 1909-1910
Alfons Macaya 1910-1913
Joaquim Peris de Vargas 1913-1925
Arcadi Balaguer 1925-1930
Enric Cardona 1931-1932
Francesc Miró-Sans 1932-1933
Joan Coma 1933-1934
Josep Suñol 1935-1936
Josep Vendrell 1936-1937
Enrique Piñeyro 1937-1939
Josep Antoni de Albert 1939-1940
Agustí Montal 1940-1942, 1943-1946
Enrique Piñeyro 1942-1943
Ricard Graells 1946-1952
Francesc Miró-Sans 1952-1953
Agustí Montal 1953-1961
Enric Llaudet 1961-1968
Agustí Montal 1969-1977
Raimon Carrasco 1978-1979
Josep Lluís Núñez 1978-2000
Joan Gaspart 2000-2003
Enric Reyna 2003-2005
Joan Laporta 2003-2010
Sandro Rosell 2010-2014
Josep Maria Bartomeu 2014-2020
Carles Tusquets 2020-2021
Joan Laporta 2021-present

The history of FC Barcelona presidents is a testament to the club’s enduring legacy and the influential figures who have guided its journey. Since its founding in 1899, FC Barcelona has witnessed a succession of presidents who have left an indelible mark on the club. From the visionary leadership of Joan Gamper, the club’s founder, to the transformative reigns of Josep Lluís Núñez, Joan Laporta, and others, each president has brought their unique vision and management style to the helm. Through their roles, FC Barcelona presidents have shaped the club’s sporting projects, financial stability, fan relations, and community outreach, leaving an extraordinary legacy that resonates with fans worldwide.

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In conclusion, the FC Barcelona president stands as a linchpin in the club’s rich tapestry of success, values, and global recognition. From the visionary leadership of Joan Gamper to the transformative tenures of modern presidents like Joan Laporta, each president has left an indelible mark on the club’s history. The FC Barcelona president’s responsibilities encompass strategic decision-making, financial management, community outreach, and fostering a unique football culture. Their influence extends beyond the pitch, shaping the destiny of this legendary institution and captivating the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. As we reflect on the storied legacy of FC Barcelona, we recognize the enduring significance of the FC Barcelona president in preserving the club’s spirit, values, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

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