fc barcelona top scorers

FC Barcelona Top Scorers: A Legacy of Goal-Scoring Greatness

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Barcelona’s all-time top scorers. In this article, we delve into the rich history and legendary goal-scoring prowess of some of the greatest footballers to have donned the famous Blaugrana jersey. Barcelona Football Club, often referred to simply as Barça, has a storied past filled with remarkable achievements and remarkable players. Join us as we celebrate the goal-scoring heroes who have etched their names into the club’s history books.

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FC Barcelona Top Scorers of All-time

fc barcelona top scorers

Lionel Messi

Throughout his time in Barcelona, Messi scored 637 goals in 739 appearances, making him the top scorer of Barcelona of all time. Leading the pack is none other than the Argentine maestro, Lionel Messi. Regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Messi’s contributions to Barcelona’s success are unparalleled. During his illustrious career at the club, spanning over two decades, Messi amassed a staggering number of goals, delighting fans with his remarkable skill, precision, and sheer brilliance. His ability to effortlessly weave through defenders and unleash thunderous strikes has solidified his status as a footballing legend.

César Rodríguez

Next on the list is César Rodríguez, a Barcelona icon from the mid-20th century, who scored 191 goals in 283 appearances. Rodríguez, a true goal-scoring machine, found the back of the net consistently throughout his tenure at the club. His impressive goal tally, combined with his technical finesse and instinctual positioning, earned him a place in the hearts of Barcelona fans worldwide.

Luis Suárez

Luis Suárez, known for his predatory instincts and remarkable finishing, takes the third spot in Barcelona’s all-time top scorers, with 195 goals in 291 appearances. The Uruguayan striker showcased his exceptional talent during his tenure at the club, forming a deadly partnership with Messi and Neymar in the famous “MSN” trident. Suárez’s ability to score from impossible angles and create opportunities out of thin air endeared him to fans and solidified his place among Barcelona’s greats.

Other FC Barcelona top scorers

Rivaldo 236 151′ 0.56
Eto’o 199 126′ 0.65
Kluivert 259 171′ 0.47
Stoichkov 247 160′ 0.46
Luis Enrique 301 212′ 0.36
Neymar 186 146′ 0.56
Pedro 321 196′ 0.31 99
Ronaldinho 207 184′ 0.45

FC Barcelona Top Scorers of the 2022-23 Season

In the 2022-23 season, Barcelona witnessed an array of talented players who made significant contributions to the team’s success. Let’s take a closer look at the top scorers who played a crucial role in Barcelona’s campaign.

Robert Lewandowski: 23 Goals

Robert Lewandowski, the prolific Polish striker, showcased his world-class finishing skills throughout the season. With an impressive tally of 23 goals, he proved to be Barcelona’s primary offensive weapon. Lewandowski’s ability to find the back of the net with precision and consistency earned him the top spot on the scoring charts.

Raphinha: 7 Goals

Raphinha, the Brazilian winger, displayed his flair and creativity on the pitch. With his quick feet and exceptional dribbling abilities, he provided an additional dimension to Barcelona’s attack. Raphinha’s contribution of 7 goals further solidified his importance to the team’s offensive prowess.

Ansu Fati: 6 Goals

Ansu Fati, the young Spanish prodigy, had an impactful season before facing an unfortunate injury setback. Despite his limited playing time, Fati demonstrated his immense potential by netting 6 goals. His speed, technical ability, and clinical finishing made him a promising talent for Barcelona’s future.

Pedri: 6 Goals

Pedri, the talented Spanish midfielder, showcased remarkable composure and maturity beyond his years. While primarily known for his playmaking abilities, Pedri also contributed 6 goals to Barcelona’s scoring campaign. His ability to find space in the box and convert chances demonstrated his versatility and goal-scoring prowess.

Ousmane Dembele: 5 Goals

Ousmane Dembele, the French winger, exhibited moments of brilliance during the 2022-23 season. With his explosive speed and dribbling skills, Dembele posed a constant threat to opposing defenses. He scored 5 goals, showcasing his ability to combine individual skill with lethal finishing.

These top scorers played vital roles in Barcelona’s success, providing the team with a consistent source of goals. Their contributions on the field undoubtedly played a significant part in Barcelona’s quest for glory throughout the season.


Barcelona’s all-time top scorers embody the essence of the club’s attacking philosophy and commitment to excellence. From Lionel Messi’s mesmerizing runs to César Rodríguez’s clinical finishing and Luis Suárez’s instinctive goal-scoring ability, these legendary players have left an indelible mark on Barcelona’s history.

As Barcelona continues to nurture young talent and uphold its tradition of attacking football, we eagerly await the rise of new goal-scoring heroes who will etch their names alongside the greats. The club’s legacy of producing extraordinary forwards ensures that the spirit of goal-scoring greatness will forever remain an integral part of Barcelona Football Club’s identity.

So, let us celebrate and pay tribute to these extraordinary individuals who have graced Camp Nou and thrilled football fans worldwide with their goalscoring prowess. Their achievements have not only defined an era but have also solidified Barcelona’s position as one of the most iconic and successful clubs in the history of the beautiful game.


A technically gifted, skill winger with great dribbling skills and combination play

A technically proficient winger, with good dribbling, decision making and  an appealing and attractive style of play Raphael Dias Belloli (Raphinha) was born on 14 December 1996 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He joined the Club from Leeds United in summer 2022.

Ferran Torres

He brings together various talents which allow him to operate anywhere up front
Born on 29 February 2000 in Foios (Valencia), Ferran Torres made first contact with the ball at an early age. He started out with futsal at the EPLA school and then attracted the attention of the Valencia CF academy. He was only seven years when he wore the shirt for the first time.

Ansu Fati

Instinct, speed and skill. Ansu Fati is the chosen heir of our number 10
Anssumane Fati (31 October 2002) was born in Bissau, the capital of Guinea Bissau. The striker moved to Seville at the age of six where he began in the youth team set up at Sevilla. In 2012, at the age of 10, he joined the FC Barcelona youth teams before making his debut with the first team in the 2019/20 season.

Robert Lewandowski

One of the best strikers ever, the Polish forward’s stats speak for themselves
The striker from Poland stands out for his goalscoring abilities. Inside the box he has all the tools to make him a difficult striker to read as he can find the net with his head and both feet with equal precision.

Ousmane Dembélé

The French winger is one of most exciting dribblers in football and thrives on troubling rival defences both for club and country
At the end of 2014 he signed his first professional contract with French club Rennes. He made his Ligue 1 debut at just the age of 17 and he scored his first goal against Girondins. His progress attracted the attention of Borussia Dortmund and he signed for the Bundesliga club in the summer of 2016. Dembélé adapted quickly to German football, scoring 12 goals and providing 20 assists in his first season.

Franck Kessié

A very strong midfielder with a tremendous shot and ability to win the ball back
A powerful midfielder who is excellent defensively and can get forward and score goals, Franck Kessie was born in Ivory Coast on December 19, 1996. He set out on his football career at Stella Club d’Adjamé in his home country.

Sergi Roberto

Sergi Roberto is one of the most versatile players in the squad and is known for his ability to get into the box
When Sergi Roberto was 14 years old he traded the town of Reus for La Masia. The ex-Nàstic Tarragona midfielder improved year after year until he became a crucial player for Luis Enrique’s Barça B team.

Frenkie de Jong

His versatility, energy and great vision have allowed him to continue developing his skills in any midfield position
Frenkie de Jong was born in Arkel (Netherlands) on May 12, 1997. The Barça player started his career at Willem II in the Eredivise, the Dutch first division. In 2016 he signed for Ajax, where he gradually gained a place in the starting eleven. His versatility and his great vision allowed him to become the midfield organiser for the team from Amsterdam.


The player enjoys playing on the front foot, driving at his direct opponent and having his passes break the defensive lines
On September 2, 2019, FC Barcelona and Las Palmas reached an agreement for the transfer of Pedri. However, the Canarian player didn’t join the blaugranes until August 2020. Born in Tegueste, Tenerife, on November 25, 2002, he began his football career in the team from his hometown.